Franchise Family


Here’s what some of our franchise owners have to say about their Board & Brush Creative Studio experience:


Here’s what some of our franchise owners have to say about their Board & Brush Creative Studio experiences:

Franchise Family

“We could not be happier with our decision to become small business owners! Board & Brush allows us to follow our passion, provide for our family, and raise our three little ones all at the same time. We loved our first studio and saw so much success that we’ve since opened two more locations. Despite the challenges of 2020, our B&b studios were able to weather the storm because of our alternate streams of revenue through @home kits and virtual workshops. Our community rallied behind us and we are so grateful for their support and love!”

Mike & Katie Ilic, owners, Oswego, St. Charles, Downers Grove, Naperville, IL

“Board & Brush has been such a huge blessing for our family! Looking back on our journey – I am so thankful that we made this decision. Even with all of the uncertainty of 2020, I wouldn’t change a thing. We’ve adapted with new offerings such as: to go kits, virtual workshops, specialty and pre-made projects, backyard games, etc. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Betsy Lee, owner, Bluffton, OH

Franchise Family
Franchise Family

“It has been such a blessing to be a franchisee with Board and Brush. With a great foundation and corporate staff Board and Brush weathered something all business owners today never could have imagined. Throughout the pandemic we were never alone. We were able to adapt our business to what we needed at the time. We now are able to offer our customers @home kits, virtual events and I was able to bring my staff back with our pre-made Backyard games series. As franchisees we own our own business but we are never alone when trouble strikes.”

Anna Jones, owner, Roanoke, North Ft. Wayne, IN

“I was looking for a career change after many years in the same field. Nothing felt right until I discovered Board & Brush. They have a great support system in place to help each owner be successful. I love the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with owning my own studio!”

Chip & Beth Searcy, owners, St. Johns, FL

Franchise Family
Franchise Family

“I fell in love with the atmosphere, it felt perfect to me, I thought how I needed more of this in my life and my mind raced ahead to how to bring this to my hometown.” “This is a chance to show my children what can be accomplished when you find a career you enjoy, and that’s an invaluable lesson for them.”


“We went to the corporate studio in Wisconsin, discovered they had everything figured out, every system in place to do it the right way instead of the hard way and we were sold!”


Franchise Family
Franchise Family

Jeffries’ introduction to Board & Brush came through her brother, who is a franchise owner himself in Chattanooga, Tenn. “When a family member is happy owning a business that’s a pretty good endorsement,” “I really want to work for myself” “The beauty of this business is that it’s an instructor-led environment which makes it easy to create something you’ll be proud of, plus you get to unwind here and make positive connections with others.”


“I would say that the Board and Brush family is with us every step of the way. From Discovery Day, all the way up to your training, through opening, and continually.”


Franchise Family
Franchise Family

“Owning my studio has allowed me to have more freedom to be with my children in the morning and not feel as rushed when I had a 9am – 5pm job. I have a very new schedule now, but we all learned to adjust to my new schedule and while I am gone in the evenings at times, I can schedule myself to work for my family. I love teaching my young boys work ethic now and they absolutely love my studio. They love to help when they can, and they are seeing what it takes to own a business.”


“The most inspiring thing about owning a Board and Brush is how rewarding it can be on so many different levels. With your customers, your staff, and then obviously just your own satisfaction from being an owner of something that you’ve built, and you’ve fostered, and you continue to grow. It’s extremely rewarding.”


Franchise Family

Mary June & Dennis Collins, OWNERS, Mesa, AZ

Franchise Family

Being a small business owner is the hardest you will ever work but the most fun you will ever have! Getting up and going to work on your own terms is a huge blessing.  You have the flexibility to host workshops when it is convenient for you and your family, be creative in the events you offer for your market, and grow a team and business that works for your pace of life.  And your franchise family is cheering you on and celebrating you every step of the way!

Kim Campanie Owner, Kissimmee & Ocoee, FL

There is no “I” in team.  There is no “I” in Board & Brush either.  There is, however, an “I” in FAMILY and that is exactly what Bb is!  The support I feel from our Flagship is indescribable.  So much so that I became a Franchisee before ever even attending a workshop.  The organization, provisions, communication and encouragement is bar none.

It is hard work that renders a sense of accomplishment.  The ability to make my own hours and run a business on my schedule is such a gift.  The opportunity to embrace our community is so rewarding.  Watching our guests transform raw materials into a personal piece of art is truly inspirational.  We instill a can-do attitude into each person that walks through our door.  Some have never even touched a hemmer before.  We adore it when our “Repeat Offenders” come see us over and over and over again.

We will forever be grateful for this endeavor and look forward to what the future holds for the entire Board & Brush Family!

Merissa Fazio, Owner, Oro Valley, AZ

Franchise Family

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